1955 Chevrolet Convertible
 Frame off restoration
703 Miles since Restoration
Ellen and I got married 45 years ago and were driving a '55 Chevy sedan. We loved that car but would rather  had a convertible. Three years ago we had a chance to buy one so we did. What you see is the result of a two- year professional restoration shop work of art.

As we shot the photos yesterday I was reminded of all we went through to get it there.  Guess you could call it a labor of love because we've enjoyed owning it and restoring. We're at the age that we need to say less is better so with some reluctance we are going to sell it. The light varied as we took photos; partly sunny and then cloudy so the color may vary some in the photos but not when you see it in person. Also the reflection of the landscape and trees show up in the paint.
We did a total frame off restoration that took two years at a  professional restoration shop that included the following:

 We replaced the frame with a pristine original 55 Chevy frame, using our perfect convertible X member and crafting convertible fittings to make it really fit right.

 Replaced the trunk pan with an original 55 Chevy pan as the photos show.

 Replaced the entire suspension and brakes including all new lines and all  parts with replacement Chevy parts
The engine is a 1956 265 Chevy 180 horse V/8 that had already been redone, and I  found a like new 55 Chevy tranny and said might as well to make it as good as possible. It shifts smooth and crisp, and of course replaced the clutch and everything that went with it.

 Replaced the trunk lid with a like new 55 Chevy trunk lid as the original had been dinged in one place and showed through the backside and I wanted a new one rather than repair the old one. Added trunk carpet over the sides to keep the luggage from banging up the sides, among anything else that we might have with us.  Any body work done was with sheet metal, but was only on the passenger  door, so any body repairs were done right with metal

All new chrome everywhere there was a blemish and we polished all the stainless as we went

New convertible top, and back window, along with a new boot, new top cylinders and lines so the power top works like new. New glass and chrome in all side windows, along with new window felt and edging, and new door handle mechanisms to make the windows roll up and down the way they were intended  Show quality paint was done in 55 Chevy red and shoreline beige.  Added Firestone 721 Radials that make it ride and drive like a dream of  course with all new shocks. New gas tank and lines as you can see in the photos

I replaced an aftermarket radio with an original working radio but didn't hook it up, as I wanted it just for looks.

 If I went into all the little things that were done to make our 55 like new it would be impossible to list them all for example , new hood hinges, new door mechanisms, new hood latch, new grill bar, redid the generator, new  glove box lid, new tissue dispenser, new convertible top latches, new  visors, we just wanted it as new as it gets. It starts and runs beautifully, and runs cool while doing it, either idling or at highway  speeds. It has an original 1955 locking gas cap with keys, and gets an amazing 20 plus MPG at 60 miles an hour at highway speeds. Can't think of  anything else it needs except a new owner to enjoy it as much as we have.

Our 55 convertible is truly show quality but also driving quality. We didn't want a trailer queen that wasn't able to be driven. Fly in, put the top down and drive it home. The original Texas plates from 1955 go with as does the 50's era leather luggage.

Odometer showing 703 miles since restoration

View of the dash with an original radio we did not hook up but can be

Clock is original and works when it wants to

View of the interior of the driver's door

Nice engine compartment with the optional oil filter

Original 50's style leather luggage and 1955 Texas plates that go with the car

Looks like the last time it was registered was 1960

Original trunk floor we had installed as we wanted a totally no rust car

Firestone 721 Radial tires over original wheels and original hubcaps

Immaculate Hood Bird sits on gorgeous paint

Front emblem on the hood

Beautiful stainless headlight rims

All trim is immaculate

Pristine undercarriage

  If you are truly interested in purchasing our '55 Chevy that we have worked so hard at making right for our own pleasure then make an appointment to  come see it or have it inspected before the auction ends. Just contact Don during the day at 417-235-4245 or in the evening at 417-235-6260 for an appointment time.

 Above all we take our eBay business seriously, so you do the same as our  price is set at far less than our cost to restore it, we love this car and  hope the next owners get as much pleasure out of it as we have.

 It has a clean Missouri title in our name and comes with a clean bill of sale.
Terms are a $2,000 dollar nonrefundable deposit paid within 24 hours via PayPal. Nonrefundable means that you don't get  the deposit back if total payment is not made in three days. The balance is due by bank cashier's check or bank wire transfer within 3 working days. No exceptions. If you want the car then that's how it gets paid for. We in turn will accommodate any shipping arrangement at the buyer's expense necessary to get the car moved. That includes picking you up at the Springfield, MO airport or bus station and meeting you on weekends or accommodating your shipper. We suggest the shipper carriers listed below. I suggest you do ship it enclosed to protect your investment.

 Thanks for looking and please feel comfortable about calling and asking any questions you want to.

It does look like a work of art!!